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Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/7 (1)
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Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12/7 (1)

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The IP67 Blue Smart charger is the wireless solution to monitor voltage and current, change settings and update the charger when new functions become available.


The greatest efficiency ever

Setting a new standard in the industry: with more than 92% efficiency, these chargers produce 3-4 times less heat, and when the battery is fully charged, power consumption is reduced to less than 1 W, from up to 10 times less than the industry standard.

Adaptive loading algorithm in 5 stages

The Blue Smart Charger contains a microprocessor controlling the adaptive management of the battery. The €œadaptive€ function will automatically optimize the charging process with the way the battery is used.

Also charges LiFePo4 batteries

They are loaded with a simple bulk-absorption-float algorithm.

Protected against overheating

This charger can be used in a warm environment such as an engine room. The output current will be reduced while the temperature will rise to 60C, but the charger will not fail.

The Blue Smart IP67 charger from Victron Energy has an efficiency of up to 96%, the heat generated during operation is up to four times lower than for a standard charger. Blue Power IP67 is not damaged by water, oil or dirt, being thus resistant to water, shocks and at the same time fireproof.

This charger is controlled electronically by means of a microprocessor and charging is done depending on the condition of the batteries in 4 phases.


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