Fronius Symo 17.5-3-M

Fronius Symo 17.5-3-M

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With power categories between 3.0 and 20.0 kW, the transformerless Fronius Symo is the three-phase inverter for any system size. Thanks to the SuperFlex design, Fronius Symo is the perfect solution for irregularly shaped or differently positioned roofs.


Fronius Symo 17.5-3-M

Technical specifications:
Weight: 43.4 kg
Dimensions : 72.5 × 51.0 × 22.5 cm
Category Inverter power: 10-20 kW
Inverter power: 17.5 kW
Maximum inverter power: 26.3 kW peak
Efficiency inverter maximum: 97.8%
Inverter wave type pure sine wave
Inverter phase: Three-phase
Number of MPPT: 2
MPPT working voltage: 200-800 V
Input Current Max.: 33.0 A / 27.0 A
Input Voltage Max.: 1000 V
Rated Output Power: 17500 W
Output Current Max.: 25.3 A
Total harmonic distortion: 1.5 %
Protection degree: IP66
Warranty: 5 years

: Symo17.5-3-M
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