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Electric car charging station LEKTRI.CO 3P22K-STD-T2, three-phase 22kW
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Electric car charging station LEKTRI.CO 3P22K-STD-T2, three-phase 22kW

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Type 2 charging station for electric cars with automatic charging power management, 5m cable, 6A-32A, 230V single-phase, 7.4kW, three-phase 22kW, WiFi connectivity, mobile application, indoor/outdoor, differential protection (RCM), IP54 , IK10, LEKTRI.CO


Smart Load Balancing. The optional EM module allows the automatic balancing of the charging power depending on the energy consumption of the house so that the total instantaneous power remains below the maximum limit of the main connection.

Power sharing in the case of installing several charging stations on the same electrical circuit to safely charge several electric vehicles simultaneously. The built-in intelligent power management automatically balances the charging power to ensure the most efficient power distribution.

Intelligent integration with the photovoltaic panel system. Using the optional EM module, you can control the way in which the energy generated by the photovoltaic panels is used. The user can choose from the mobile application one of the 3 available charging modes:

Power - the charging station uses all available power for a fast charge
Hybrid - the charging station uses the available solar energy, supplementing from the network only with the minimum required
Green - the charger uses exclusively the solar energy generated by the photovoltaic panels

A faster choice in EV charging
Simplify charging your electric vehicle at home with a safe, reliable and cost-effective EV charger. See the many advantages of purchasing a LEKTRI.CO 1P7K Type 2 charging station:
Connected and Intelligent. Connect the 1P7K to your smart devices using the LEKTRI.CO app to control and monitor the charger via Wifi.
Compatible with any electric vehicle .

PV-Ready : Easy integration with the photovoltaic panel system.

Dynamic power management. With the EM module you can dynamically balance the energy delivery to the connected electric vehicle, in accordance with the energy consumption of the household.

Avoid safety issues with a CE certified product according to the EV charging standard IEC 61851.

1P7K is designed and tested to be safe, efficient and reliable.

Degree of protection IP54 and IK10 .

Monetization of charging services: it can be installed in locations with public access, being integrated into the network of LEKTRI.CO chargers

Smart Home Ready
Prepared for a smart home with a dedicated application for managing the charger, but also with various other functions.
Integration with the Homa Assistant platform

: 3P22K-STD-T2
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