Jinko Bifacial Photovoltaic Panel 540W (675W)


Jinko Solar JKM540-72HC is a bifacial solar panel with a capacity of 540 watts and a high efficiency of 20.94%. It uses bifacial technology, being able to generate electricity from both sides of the panel, thus offering a higher efficiency compared to regular solar panels. This solar panel is designed to operate in extreme temperatures and can be used in high voltage solar systems.


Jinko Bifacial Photovoltaic Panel 540W (675W)

Solar capacity: 540 W (monofacial) or 675 W (bifacial)
Maximum supply voltage (Vmp ): 41.13V
Maximum power current (Imp): 13.13A
Open circuit voltage (Voc): 49.73V
Short circuit current (Isc): 13.89A
Module efficiency: 20.94%
Operating temperature: -40C~+85C
Maximum system voltage 1500VDC: (IEC)
Maximum series fuse power: 30A
Power tolerance: 0~+3%
Bifacial factor: 70±5%

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